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Get close and personal with iconic Australian television locations, film sets and stars.

Visit iconic Sydney locations

Go on a journey of beautiful Sydney locations including the stunning Sydney Harbour and Circular Quay, Palm Beach, Church Point and Manly

Watch filming

Home & Away is generally only filmed Monday-Wednesdays, so these are the days that you will have the highest chance of watching filming. 

Meet the stars

We ensure we’re around long enough during filming to maximise your chance of meeting, & getting photos with, the stars.

Your Day

Pick Up

Jump on the bus at 9am at Sydney’s Circular Quay. If you’re new to Sydney we recommend getting there early and walking across the road to check out the spectacular views of Sydney Harbour before jumping on!

Morning Tea

Morning tea is at Church Point. We’ll supply beverages and there will be cakes and other treats available to purchase. If we know filming is occurring today, we’ll give you the option to skip morning tea and head straight to Palm Beach.

Palm Beach

Next we visit Palm Beach, the “Summer Bay” of Home and Away! Filming is usually done in around 45 minute blocks, so we stay for at least 2 hours to give you the best chance to meet the stars and take some photos with them.  On average we see around 7 characters and get photos with 3 if filming is on. We'll enjoy a picnic lunch together while you're here.

Manly Wharf

We’ll drop you off at Manly Wharf at the conclusion of the day so you are ready to jump on the 3pm or 3:30pm Manly Ferry. The ferry is around $7.60 so you’ll need an Opal card, change or a credit/savings card with you to pay. It’s worth it, with a half hour trip on the harbour, docking at the morning’s pick up location, Circular Quay.

Thursday/Friday Tours: Bondi & Kings Cross

On Thursdays and Fridays we extend the tour to include Bondi & Kings Cross as  Thursday/Friday are not Home & Away filming days (so no need to spend as long as Palm Beach). You might get a chance to see filming and stars for Bondi Vet, Bondi Rescue or Underbelly instead! 


Home and Away filming locations

There are two locations where Home and Away is filmed, behind closed doors at the studio in Redfern and at Summer Bay, which is actually Sydney’s Palm beach. There is no access to the Redfern studios but the outdoor sets (Palm Beach) are accessible to the public.

The outdoor sets include all the beach scenes regularly seen in Home and Away, the outsides of some of the houses, and the outside of the surf club and Alf’s bait shop.

What days does filming occur?

We can never guarantee you will see filming and the filming schedule is a closely guarded secret, but we have kept our own records of filming from the past few years.

Filming occurs mostly Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday most weeks. There is normally a break in filming for 2 weeks at the end of June or start of July. In 2015 there was some filming on Thursdays.

There appears to be no pattern to which days filming occurs on. So far in 2016 you have had nearly a 50/50 change of seeing filming if you went on a Monday or Tuesday and almost a 1 in 3 chance to see filming on a Wednesday. Having said that there have been a few weeks where the only day filming occurred was a Wednesday.

Even without seeing filming there is a lot to see on the way to Palm Beach (Summer Bay) and also lots to see once you are there, filming is just an added bonus.

If they are filming which stars will be there?

Who will be shooting on a particular day varies depending on the filming schedule which is unavailable. Also the actors are transported between the indoor and outdoor sets during the day to meet filming requirements. So it is possible your favourite actor could be there all day or not at all. To increase your chances of spotting your favourite stars we give you as much time as possible at Palm Beach.

How long do they film for?

There are two parts to this question.

The first part again relates to their filming schedule, do they want morning shots, middle of the day shots etc. So this will always vary. Our experience is that there is usually more filming in the middle of the day, which is when our tour is at Palm Beach.

The other important part is how long does each shot take. This depends on the actors, the more experienced actors take one or two shots to get the scene right. The newer actors can take a little longer and when they are working on complex shots involving groups of actors expect the filming time to be longer. The average scene takes about 45 minutes to shoot and between shoots while the crew are setting up for the next shoot is the best chance you will have to meet the stars. So to improve your chances of meeting the stars, assuming they are free, you need to allow at least an hour, which we do on our tour. Of course if you have less time you may still get to see the filming just not have a chance to meet the stars. Also, remember they are there working so at times their schedule may not give them any free time.

Access to Outside Sets

All the outside sets used in Home and Away are real businesses or homes. So you can go into Alf’s Bait Shop, which is actually a shop, stand out the front of the Surf Club etc

**Spoiler Alert**

Palm Beach is used for the outside sets only. The inside of Alf’s Bait shop on TV is quite different to the inside of the real shop.

There is no access to the inside of the Surf Club, remembering the outside is only what is used in filming, it is members only.

Also have you ever noticed how over the years the outsides of some of the houses mysteriously change? The outside shots of houses are filmed at real locations within Palm Beach and initially it might be fun to have your garden broadcast to an international audience, but after a while you and the neighbours will grow a little weary of the film crew in your yard and street and so the houses are changed. This is where our tour operator can offer something extra, they keep up to date with the houses being used and can take you straight there.

Guided Tour Itinerary?

The standard itinerary is:-

  •  Pick up from Circular Quay
  • Head to Palm Beach with sightseeing stops along the way including:
  • Terrey Hills / Church Point views*
  • Stop for coffee at Church point*
  • Visit the current houses used in filming, and sometimes some of the houses recently used*.
  • Spend a couple of hours at Palm Beach with lunch
  • Dropped off at the Manly Ferry for the ride back to Circular Quay.

* if the tour operator has heard a whisper that filming is taking place that day then these stops may be reduced or even skipped completely to allow more time at Palm Beach.

Book your Seat

We only have a limited number of seats on each tour and they book out fast!