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Many people who head off to the great outdoors are looking for an experience that is particular to them. They may want a campfire or to bring their pets, escape crowds, find peace and quiet or make lots of noise. Commercial tourism sites are often developed to fit in a lot of people and have restrictions that can limit choice. Private landowners can set their own rules, which means that a guest has a greater chance of finding exactly what they want and where they want it.

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Australians are being urged to support communities struggling with drought, Coronavirus and ‘buy from the bush’ this Year. Often, as an individual, it is hard to know how to help farmers and the many regional Australians coping with one of the worst droughts in living memory. GoExplore! is a new movement sweeping the internet is providing generous Aussies a way to give and do their Farm A helping hand at the same time! list you local business now its free we well promote your regional product and services in you area It free for a year.

How GoExplore! Works

GoExplore! is a platform for property/business  owners to showcase their land/services and for guests to pay to stay there. We handle the complicated and time-consuming tasks so you can focus on running your property/business.

What does it cost?

Listing your property is free. You set your base rates in the host portal pricing area and we add an 20% booking service fee on top, which is the end rate displayed and booked by the guest. From the base rate you set in the host portal, we deduct 20% from this amount which covers costs of the online payment gateway Payments are automated and fees are deducted from the amount we deposit into your bank account approximately 3 business days after guest arrival.

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